Nutrition Program

Poor nutrition is arguably the greatest cause of human suffering in the modern age. The global community has designated halving the prevalence of underweight children by 2015 as a key indicator of progress towards the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. To achieve this it is felt that the Government of India and other agencies involved in nutrition in India will have to prioritize nutrition and health education interventions rather than depend only on food supplementation programs.

The Children International nutrition services include a nutrition rehabilitation program where the program provides supplemental feeding and vitamins to malnourished children. Parents are also taught fundamentals of nutrition, healthy meal preparations and given information on purchasing locally available and inexpensive nutritious whole foods. Through the program, children also receive regular health and malnutrition screenings with rehabilitative intervention for severely and moderately malnourished children.

As there is simply not enough money to cover basic needs, often parents and children go hungry in the impoverished communities served by Children International. Thus children become malnourished, missing nutrients essential for healthy growth and development. To combat this nutrition program conducted regular screenings for children under 12 and those who show signs of moderate to severe malnourishment are enrolled in the nutrition rehabilitation program, where they receive nutrient rich foods. Children and their parents are encouraged to attend nutrition workshops and learn how to prepare healthy foods on shoestring budgets. To increase community participation and knowledge, awareness rallies on nutrition are also organized. In these rallies sponsored children holding cut outs of fruits and vegetables and messages, walk through the community and interact with the community to spread awareness. As sponsorship is about making significant progress, whether in Delhi or West Bengal, each child rehabilitated from malnutrition is a victory in the war against hunger and moving towards healthy young lives.

Another lifesaver is the Lifeline Food Program that provides emergency food relief to families who face dire circumstances, such as a job loss, chronic illness, death or disasters

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