Youth Story – Tridip Protihar

Date: 08/27/2015

 Scoring 96% in his HS exams, Tridip Protihar ranked 9th on the state merit list of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education.

Sharing his mantra of success, the sponsored youth of Children International says, “Most of the times students forget to revise. If I was to point out a single formula of success, it would be this- revise, revise and revise once again.”

The eighteen year old also ranked 69 on the medical list of the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations this year and is currently pursuing medical science, to become a doctor, from the prestigious Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata.

Tridip’s father Rabin is a salesman of a bakery shop whilst his mother Tapasi is a homemaker.

On his dreams of becoming a doctor, Tridip states, “I wish that one day I will find a cure to remove poverty- which I know may not be possible, but at least I can work towards helping poor people remain healthy.”

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