Education Program Emergency Relief Health Program Nutrition Program Youth Program

Education Program: Education program aims to empower children and youth by helping them develop skills that best position them for self-reliance as they transition to adulthood.

Emergency Relief: During natural disasters the already fragile lives are placed under tremendous stress. To cope with this and to rebuild shattered lives and dreams, brick by brick, emergency relief support is given during disasters like floods, fire, etc.

Health Program: Curative care, preventive care, health education and emergency medical fund form the main thrust areas in health care program.

Nutrition Program: The program addresses a child's nutritional needs through regular health and malnutrition screenings, supplementation feedings and nutrition awareness trainings in the community and to the mothers.

Youth Program: By focusing on leadership, life skills, community service, civic involvement and other social values, the youth program involves youth in positive activities that boost their self-esteem and social competence, while creating visible change among their communities and peers.

News and Announcements

Youth Story  – Tridip Protihar

Date: 08/27/2015

Scoring 96% in his HS exams, Tridip Protihar ranked 9th on the state merit list of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. Sharing his mantra of success, the sponsored youth of Children International says, “Most of the times students forget to revise. If I was to point out a single formula of success, it would be this- revise, revise and revise once again.” The eighteen year old also ranked 69 on the medical list of the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations this year and is currently pursuing medical science, to become a doctor, from the prestigious Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata. Tridip’s father Rabin is a salesman of a bakery shop whilst his mother Tapasi is a homemaker. On his dreams of becoming a doctor, Tridip states, “I wish that one day I will find a cure to remove poverty- which I know may not be possible, but at least I can work towards helping poor people remain healthy.”

Sponsor Speak  – Priyajeet Arora

Date: 08/27/2015

"My love for children and the work Children International is doing brought me closer to the organisation. I sponsored my first child “Neha” with the organisation in February 2014 but only recently I got an opportunity to meet her due to my busy schedule. The centre visit was altogether a different experience. The organisation and the centre are doing fantastic work. It was heart-warming to see how meaningful efforts are being made to ensure holistic well-being of children at Bawana slums. After my visit, I have sponsored one more child and I have been spreading a word to interested friends and colleagues."

Success Story – Arvind @ Starbucks

Date: 08/27/2015

Children International is working towards improving the lives of the youth living in the Bawana community. Youth Induction is the process through which children who have completed 12 years of age are enrolled into the youth program. They participate in various youth development programs offered by Children International. One such youth, Arvind has benefited from the youth program recently. Arvind has a very vibrant and lively personality filled with never say die attitude and loads of confidence. After completing his 12th, he was looking for a job and his friends recommended him to enrol with the Children International’s Youth Program. He attended two months training on personality development and got placed in Starbucks Punjabi Bagh. He is now working on his English pronunciation, presentation skills and reading more about coffees and aiming to be the Outlet Manager soon. He is thankful to Children International for opening doors that enabled him to get trained, get a job and support his family financially.